Chatting about chatbots: understanding the competitive edge of hotel chatbots

hotel chatbot example

The highest official awards for UK businesses since being established by royal warrant in 1965. With 13 hotels open and another 13 in the pipeline, Trevor Horwell, the CEO of Nobu Hospitality, shared the secrets of Nobu’s success with the readers of Hospitality Technology. The app for employees enables them to view, manage, and trade shifts on the go.

Future improvements on the cards will allow the chatbot to manage room requests through integration with the hotel’s back-end systems. But Rose isn’t standing still and is evolving more to act like a ‘hostess’ who can deliver a more personal service to guests via text messages directly. The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas has Rose, The Andaz Singapore has ConcierGo and Tokyo’s Otani has BeBot, with more hotels are adding a chatbot or digital concierge to their front-desk staff.


It feels like it’s been around a lot longer to be honest, or maybe that’s just due to the way in which the technology has evolved and how quickly we’ve all got used to it. We may share your personal data within the Leonardo Hotels Group and, if your booking relates to a hotel listed in Annex 2, with the relevant hotel operator. All companies are currently based in the European Economic Area (EEA), UK, Switzerland or Israel (where the EU Commission decided that these two countries provide an adequate level of data protection).

Such proactivity encourages great responses from guests, and reviews on social media and OTA sites are the best ‘free marketing’ any hotelier can wish for. This then directly relates to the hotel’s revenue, because based on review scores, hotels get better ranking with the OTAs, and therefore greater exposure and more hotel chatbot example bookings. In turn this can also allow hotels to increase their prices, which can improve Average Daily Rate and occupancy. Leonardo Hotels (as further explained below) respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. This privacy notice will inform how we collect and process your personal data.

Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) can help hotels improve their customer experience.

Their goal is to contact cold prospects and get them interested in the company’s products and services. By the way, HOAS customer service chatbot is a great example of how a bot can increase customer satisfaction score and help to build a stronger brand as well! Download HOAS chatbot project case study to learn more about how HOAS implemented and developed its chatbot. Also, chatbots generate a high level of engagement thanks to their conversational nature, which leads to more people completing more surveys, thus creating a win-win situation for both companies and customers. Research (2019) suggests that 34% of customers feel frustrated when they cannot get answers to simple support queries—and surveys are exactly that—but with the company on the asking end instead of the customer. Zalando, a popular European fashion brand, uses this feature in its chatbot use cases to provide instant order tracking for its customers – right after they have made a purchase.

Naver unveils HyperCLOVA X in bid to become early leader in … – The Hankyoreh

Naver unveils HyperCLOVA X in bid to become early leader in ….

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And a chatbot is supposed to conduct a conversation with a human using textual or auditory methods. Chatbots simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner and thus can answer questions and carry the conversation. One of the most important things to realise when launching a chatbot is that it will not solve each and every problem your users may have. When launching a chatbot for the first time, it’s difficult to think about all the different combinations of words people can use to say something as simple as “I would like to book a room”.

Unlike rule-based counterparts, different types of AI chatbots generate responses dynamically, improve through interaction, and mimic human conversational nuances. This advancement signifies a shift from rigid scripted interactions to more human-like, intelligent, and versatile communication tools. Online travel agency Expedia announced its collaboration with OpenAI, ChatGPT’s founders, back in April 2023 (worth noting that Open AI’s chief, Sam Altman, sits on Expedia’s board). Integrated into Expedia’s app, ChatGPT lets customers ask travel-related questions, serving up personalised advice on local sights to see, suitable hotels and best times to visit. Unlike conventional chatbots, ChatGPT can have sophisticated conversations with users, using natural language to emulate the style of a human travel agent.

  • Having launched in 2017, Rose at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas is doing great service for the hotel, with plenty of stats in the linked piece about her engagement and success, helping drive revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • A chatbot is a computer programme that uses the language capacities of AI to understand customer questions and automate responses to them, simulating human conversation.
  • AI-driven chatbots can help hotels deliver a far more personalized guest experience, and this can start before the guest has even begun the booking process.
  • Your chatbot can be compared to a search engine crawler – it needs some cues, such as metadata, to render the page content.

The more you know your customers, the quicker you can provide personalized offers and enjoyable experiences for them. Data analysis is also essential for maintaining consumer interest in and engagement with hotel services. You may track demand spikes caused by seasonal fluctuations and other market conditions with the help of central reservation software and cloud-based hotel management software powered by AI and ML. To present rates that optimize earning potential, predictive analytics technologies consider hundreds of variables.

Complaints or requests that need a follow-up, get passed on to the relevant member of staff for immediate action, ensuring great customer service. AI chatbots stand apart from traditional chatbots due to their natural language processing capabilities, context comprehension, adaptability, and learning. They engage in complex, open-ended discussions, support multiple languages, and offer personalized experiences.

hotel chatbot example

Typically Online Travel Agents provide a ‘masked’ email to guests, which is then deactivated a few days after check out, leaving very limited opportunities for post-stay communication between hotel and guest. In contrast, the SabeeApp and Bonomi integration provides more personalised assistance, in a timely manner that suits guests’ chosen communication channels. From the get-go guests feel that they are being ‘seen and heard’ as individuals, and post-stay the ‘lines remain open’.

What is an example of a customer service chatbot?

The bot encourages its visitors to interact with its bot, 'Dom'. The chatbot provides a user-friendly interface on which the customers can first input their area and the bot takes over from there, asking all the questions needed to place an order. As a result, Dominos made placing orders hassle-free for its customers.

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